I teach philosophy in the tradition of the liberal arts and sciences (LAS). The traditional goals of LAS education lie in the development of the personality of students, in their preparation for creative social participation, and in the refinement of their central cultural techniques. Today, LAS teachers aim to implement these goals by using the methods of problem-based learning, interdisciplinarity, and rhetoric and argumentation. In philosophy, we have an additional method at our disposal that perfectly complements these methods: the Socratic method of fostering (truly) critical thinking.

Here is an almost complete list of courses taught (with links to syllabi):

(a) University of Konstanz, Philosophy Department (language of instruction: German)

“Kant, Prolegomena” (2h/week, graduate seminar) – Winter 2022/23

“Capability approach” (2h/week, graduate seminar) – Winter 2022/23

“Philosophy of technology” (2h/week, undergraduate seminar), with Maud van Lier (language of instruction: English) – Winter 2022/23

“Philosophy of science” (4h/week, lecture) – Summer 2022

Research colloquium (2h/week) – Summer 2022

“Metaphysics of science” (2h/week, graduate seminar) – Summer 2022

“Well-being” (2h/week, undergraduate seminar) – Summer 2022

(b) University College Freiburg (language of instruction: English)

“Theory of Knowledge” (2h/week, lecture) – Winter 2019/20

“The philosophy of Kant” (4h/week, undergraduate seminar) – Winter 2019/20

“Perspectives on Science” (2h/week, lecture) – Summer 2019

“Models across disciplines” (4h/week, undergraduate seminar), with Simon Büchner – Summer 2019

“International Trade” (4h/week, undergraduate seminar) – Summer 2019

“Theory of Knowledge” (2h/week, lecture) – Winter 2018/19

“History of world philosophy” (4h/week, undergraduate seminar) – Winter 2018/19

“Economic crises - history, causes, and consequences” (4h/week, undergraduate seminar) – Winter 2018/19

(c) University of Freiburg, Philosophy Department (language of instruction: German)

“Heidegger on authenticity” (2h/week, graduate seminar) – Summer 2019

(d) University of Konstanz, Philosophy Department (language of instruction: German)

“Philosophy of science” (4h/week, lecture) – Summer 2018

“Philosophy of social science” (2h/week, graduate seminar) – Summer 2018

Research colloquium (2h/week), with Martin Rechenauer – Summer 2018

“Heidegger, Being and Time” (2h/week, graduate seminar) – Winter 2017/18

“Values in science” (2h/week, graduate seminar) – Winter 2017/18

“Kant’s political philosophy” (2h/week, graduate seminar) – Winter 2017/18

“Philosophy of complex systems” (2h/week, graduate seminar) – Summer 2017

“Philosophy of technology” (2h/week, undergraduate seminar) – Summer 2017

“Decision theory” (2h/week, lecture plus tutorial) – Winter 2015/16

“Philosophy of economics” (2h/week, graduate seminar) – Winter 2015/16

“Scientific realism” (2h/week, undergraduate seminar) – Summer 2015

“Induction and confirmation” (2h/week, graduate seminar) – Summer 2015

“Laws of nature” (2h/week, undergraduate seminar) – Winter 2014/15

“Subjectivity and objectivity in economics” (2h/week, graduate seminar) – Winter 2014/15

“Scientific explanation” (2h/week, undergraduate seminar) – Summer 2014

“Scientific models” (2h/week, graduate seminar) – Summer 2014

“Kant’s philosophy of causality” (2h/week, graduate seminar) – Winter 2013/14

“Hume and his impact” (2h/week, undergraduate seminar) – Winter 2013/14

(e) University of Heidelberg, Philosophy Department (language of instruction: German)

“Causality II” (2h/week, graduate seminar) – Summer 2011

“Kant, Critique of Practical Reason” (2h/week, undergraduate seminar) – Summer 2011

“Causality I” (2h/week, graduate seminar) – Winter 2010/11

“Kant, Prolegomena” (2h/week, undergraduate seminar) – Winter 2010/11

“Popper, Logic of Scientific Discovery” (2h/week, undergraduate seminar) – Summer 2010

“Marx, Capital” (2h/week, graduate seminar) – Winter 2009/10

“American pragmatism” (2h/week, undergraduate seminar) – Summer 2009

“Theories of justice” (2h/week, undergraduate seminar) – Summer 2009

(f) University of Heidelberg, Economics Department (language of instruction: German)

“History of economic thought II” (2h/week, graduate seminar) – Summer 2011

“History of economic thought I” (2h/week, graduate seminar) – Winter 2010/11

“Schumpeter, Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy” (2h/week, graduate seminar) – Summer 2010

“Philosophy of economics” (2h/week, undergraduate seminar) – Winter 2009/10

“Liberalism and communitarianism” (2h/week, undergraduate seminar) – Summer 2009